Residential Tree Service

Residential Tree Service

Residential Tree Services

The Tree Guys offers tree trimming, tree removal, tree stump removal, stump grinding, and other professional tree service care year round. We have the experience and equipment to safely complete many different types of tree cutting services from basic tree trimming and removal services to emergency tree removal.

We know the proper tree cutting procedures for healthy tree maintenance, as well as the best methods for dead tree removal, fallen tree removal, and tree limb removal. Our professional staff is available to provide you a free consultation and cost estimate for tree trimming or tree removal services.

Many of our customers tell us we are among the top tree cutting companies. We'd like to earn your business!

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Trimming trees includes taking dead, dying, diseased, broken, split and crossed branches out to improve the health and the beauty of the tree. All debris is chipped up on site and is 100% recycled! Our crews take great pride in the cleanup phase by raking and air blowing thoroughly.
Tree removal is often required on residential, commercial and municipal properties. We remove all sizes and quantities of trees, and can get the job done in your front or back yard with our aerial trucks or by climbing with rope and saddle.
Stump Grinding
We have three different size grinders to easily stumpgrind in both front and backyards. The wood chips left over from grinding the stump are typically left at the site as they work as excellent landscaping mulch for the homeowner. Removal of the chips is always an option.
The Wedgle™Direct-Inject™System is a closed system which injects chemicals directly into the tree – no chemical cups to spill or drain. With no spraying, chemical drift concerns are eliminated. The Wedgle is the ideal tree treatment system for residential areas.